The response from sponsors, crew, RAAM participants & Staff, friends, relatives, church body, various cyclists and other supporters concerning Allen's decision to not compete in RAAM 04 has been overwhelmingly encouraging. We received so many calls and e-mails from people with encouragement, scripture, understanding and love throughout the last several weeks. Our hearts felt a warmth and joy as once again we felt the blessing of the wonderful community we live in locally and also the community of people we have come to love through this season in our lives. We can not thank you enough for the way you have reached out to us and cared for us no matter what. As he went from sponsor to sponsor to explain his heart and why he just could not compete this year, many sponsors seemed to give a knowing nod in understanding either physically or verbally. We are blessed beyond by all of you and we know it. A few people were concerned that Allen would regret this decision and questioned if he was ok. We can assure you that although it was one of the toughest decisions he's ever had to make, it was also one of the most impacting in his life and it appears to be impacting others as well, which was a pleasant surprise. The peace Allen has had since his decision has been steady and sure. The only regret is that it had to take this to bring him to a new place. But, don't we all grow in that way at some time in our lives. We thank you for standing with Allen through a difficult decision and supporting him as a person and who he is in Christ and not just what he does. We could not ask for better people in our lives.

Teresa Larsen


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