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Aside from the obvious physical challenges, RAAM offers significant hurdles to the support crew and the pocket book. That’s where you come in. With a conservative estimated requirement of $17,000+ in expenses, RAAM is always a challenge for me just getting to the start line. It’s my hope that you will team up with me through sponsorship support of my 2006 racing season.

As the 2003 champion I believe I've proven I have what it takes to win. Undefeated in ultra-marthon cycling events before RAAM 2002 and plceing 3rd there, is a feat that few other cyclistists in RAAM's twenty five year history have accomplished. I believe the drive that brought this record, could be helpful in promoting your business.

Please see the chart below to determine what level of RAAM 2006 sponsorship you would be interested in. These are just general options as everything is open to negotiation in an effort to maximize your cost versus benefits. I’m very open to help you in any way I can. If you have ideas other than the ones listed we can talk about that too.

Most of us see the sponsors on the front or back of the jersey and along the sleeves. It stands to reason that these spaces will be the most desirable and therefore the most valuable for major sponsors. RAAM also requires a support vehicle follow me at all times so there’s plenty of room for billboard space there as well.

Who sees this advertising you ask? Countless people as the race passes by, as well as the 1000s of training miles, race participants including crews and family, many riders have local stations following them, Magazines like Sports Illustrated and Outdoor have covered the event in the past and the Outdoor Life Network (OLN) will be televising RAAM in the fall.

A variety of sponsorship packages are available!

Level 1 "The Century"



Level 2 "The Double" $500
Level 3 "The Ultra" $1,000
Level 4 "The Qualifier" $2,500
Level 5 "The Echelon" $5,000
Level 6 "The Tour" $10,000

The benefits for your company do surpass the visible exposure during the race. Any other events that I ride in throughout the rest of the 2006 season would see your company name and logo as well. There will be local exposure as well as possible national exposure when televised coverage of RAAM includes me in their footage.

Your sponsorship supporting this type of event sends a very positive message to today’s youth in regards to fitness, drive and many other facets of life in our times. I have given inspirational speeches on "reaching ones goals" at various schools and is something I enjoy doing very much.

The financial support would be divided up among the following areas to name the most obvious. Though I’ve already invested a lot of money towards meeting my RAAM needs I still have a long ways to go.

  1. Bicycles, parts, tires etc. Even though I already have two high performance bikes the cost of keeping them in shape through training and the race season is significant. I must be prepared for anything to go wrong.
  2. Food for myself and the crew. I’ll be consuming about 10,000 calories a day primarily from Ensure Plus. The crew will eat real food.
  3. Gas for pace vehicles and motor home. Very large expense involved in getting us all across the U.S. and back.
  4. Entry fee. Currently $1470.00
  5. Clothing for all weather. Weather can vary from 100 degrees in the south to 30 or lower in the 11,000 ft passes of Colorado. Clothing can become an issue of success or failure in a race like RAAM.
  6. Transportation for crew mwmbers back and forth across the States.

So why would you want to sponsor me?

  • 2003 RAAM - 1st place overall mens solo division.
  • 2002 RAAM - 3rd place overall with "Rookie of the year" honors,
    along with the "Ian Sandbach inspirational award" and The Kosciusko
    MS Prime.
  • 2001 RAMROD - not officially timed, but believe I had best solo time.
  • 2001 Race Across Oregon – 508 miles 1st place with 2 ½ hour margin over 2nd.
  • 2000 S2S – Seattle to Spokane – 280 miles - 1st place finish.
  • 2000 Cannonball – Seattle to Spokane - 275 miles. 1st place and set new record.

My competitive spirit, persevering drive and overall desire to be the best I can ensure that I will give my all to RAAM 2006. The better I finish in the race, the better your exposure will be. I also believe I’m a good role model as I am, and have always been, drug-free and hold very high moral and ethical standards. One of my heart’s desires is to promote sports/cycling to youth as a positive engagement of time and distraction from negative activities they could participate in. This could be useful to you in your local community through bicycle safety programs with me as a guest speaker sponsored by your company. Speaking to your employees on the benefits of exercise and how it has helped me overcome various obstacles in my life is another option. I also plan on pursuing coverage on local news programs and possibly even afternoon talk shows if they are interested. There are many ways in which sponsorship of this event could have a positive impact on your company as well as your community. These are just a few examples and I am more than willing to discuss other ideas that you come up with. Although this may be the first time you’ve heard of RAAM, many of the world’s best ultra marathon athletes participate. It is a very difficult race and there is actually a low percentage of participants who finish. That’s what makes the participation, whether the racer or the sponsor, more.

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