Allen to participate in the 2005 Hammer Highline Festival!

Allen has been elected Ultra Cyclist of the Year 2003!!!

Race Across Oregon Video Production 2005

Allen trains on Computrainer at the 2006 Seattle Bike Expo!

My Article on depression "A Whole New Outlook"

Titan Flex sponsors Allen's RAAM

Alpha Q comes on board to help Allen in '04

Vittoria tires will once again roll Allen across the country!




"I said it on the air, and I'm standing by what I said: I've been covering sports for 20-years, I've seen 'em all come and go, and Allen Larsen is the single toughest athlete I've ever seen. What this man does on a bicycle boggles the mind, breaks the heart, and lifts the spirit."
Eric Johnson - KOMO ABC Seattle

"Allen painted an honest picture of RAAM, explaining its triumphs and challenges. He told it with candor and humor. It was impossible to watch his presentation and not be inspired."
Jean Lofy - E-Burg X-C Ski Club

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