As most of you have by now heard I have decided to end my competitive ultra-cycling career. My neck problems on the Record WA crossing that lead to my '06 RAAM withdraw have become to serious. I tried one more event thinking that a shorter qualifier might be possible but 100 mile into Race Across Oregon my neck was already weakening.

Though I will continue to ride, the long ultra events are just to hard on my neck. For this reason I've retired and will be selling of all my surplus equipment.

The first wavw of my gear is all gone. The next items to go are listed below. I really need to sell two of my bikes. I am accepting sealed bid style offers via e-mail to see if I can get a fair price and avoid E-bay fees and junk. Send me your best offer and I'll let you know if you win. I want to sell these soon so I don't plan on any dickering with bids. Just make me your best offer.

The next gear to go is as follows:
1- 59CM blue Trek y-foil Dura Ace 9speed ridden in both RAAMs. Full Dura Ace 9 speed with an Alpha Q aero fork. Thompson seat poast and your choice of saddles from the assortment laying around here. I'd also say your choice of wheels between Velocity Nuvian or Spynergy Spoked.

1-60CM Trek 5900 Dura-Ace 9 speed in Mint Condition. Only ridden on the big hills of RAAM 2003 and a few short training rides. This is set up stock as originally equipped from the factory.
(more photos elsewhere on site)

I've just added a short demo video for those of you who might be interested in my van bed set-up. To download and play the Windows media 9 file, CLICK HERE .

Custom minivan bed-drawer setup. I built this specifically for RAAM support. It is very nice to use and has a number of special features including 4 drawers with dividers to keep clothes, meds, glasses sunsreen butt butter etc. organized. It has spots to hold two 5 gallon Gatorade jugs and keep them from sliding around. A drawer in the rear for tubes chain lube etc. A slide out tray for laptop PC to be used from rear seat of van. an extra storage box for less used items. Place to mount extra power amps for aux sound system. Two pull out drying rods to dry wet clothes etc. Foam bed roll to use as a comfortable bed in the minivan. If interested contact me for further details.

Power Cranks Incredible training cranks to develop muscles you never new you had. 175mm Shimano Octalink evcellent cond. - retail about $800.00

Neck Brace B Brace plus Belt plus Bell Helmet with custom chin strap

Various Saddles including the 2 cheek no crotch saddle I used in 2003 to finish he race with bad saddle soars. Thompson seat posts (27.2mm) a few other odds and ends ultegra components.



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