Race Across America (RAAM)
RAAM, some call it crazy, some say it is unimaginable and others just look at you in disbelief and wonder why would you do such a thing? However, for those who experience it, there is an understanding of the magnetism that draws the soul and beckons you in. It is more than a race, it is an experience that is life changing. One that no matter what happens you walk away with various new perspectives on life itself and what it is to walk a road few will even attempt.

I thought I understood RAAM because my husband participated in it in 2002 & 2003. However, until crewing for Marko Baloh in 2005, little did I know what truly captures you and intrigues those who dare to go beyond themselves in every aspect to fulfill a dream. I saw video of my husband's races and heard all the stories, but being there brings whole new perspective.

Teresa Larsen

Markos 2005 race recap

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